Sunday, November 25, 2007

1 out of 82 sqaures for a large baby blanket

I am knitting the baby blanket in lemon but it also looks lovely in white.

Knitted Flower Brooches

These were so easy to knit.

I used leftover Dk wool.

Can be attached to hats, scarves, bags or just worn as a brooch.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pram Blanket

This took me just under 15hours to do and I must say that is very quick for me.I seem to be knitting quicker now.

This is a pram blanket that was knitted for a one year old. I used DK wool but you can use chunky as well.

The blanket is 27ins long.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chunky scarf

For the scarves I could not get the colour I wanted in chunky wool so I experimented a little. I used two strands of DK wool to create the scarves.

One is done using brown and white and the other was lilac and white. The result was lovely. It feels nice and soft and would lovely to wear on those cold winter days.

Length of each scarf is 53ins.


This is the first pair of gloves I have made with fingers. I must say I am very pleased with them.

Lilac DK wool.It fits nicely on the hand too.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Child's knitted bag

Bag was knitted using leftover DK wool.A flower or a heart can be added as a finishing touch.

Very quick knit.

Child size Aran Cardigan

Knitted using Aran wool with 20% wool.

Can be knitted in various colours which incl balck and denim blue.

Cabled bolero style jacket

Initially I thought this would be a challenge for me but it wasn't. It took about two weeks to knit (when I add up all the hours) and I loved knitting it.

Knitted in Aran and would be an ideal item to have for those winter evenings out.

Fingerless Mittens

This is the first pair of mittens I have knitted. I was little reluctant as I have to use 4 double pointed needles but I took the plunge.It only took around 4-5hours. I enjoyed it. I shall definitely be knitting another one.

Knitted using Denim Blue Cotton DK.

Friday, October 12, 2007

All in one baby suit

What a lovely outfit! My nephew loved this. It kept him warm in the winter months.
It was knitted with Aran wool in Denim Blue.
Also available in cream.

Child Sweater

This sweater was knitted in cream double knitting wool. It is a child's sweater and is available from 3 - 7years.

Available in cream.

Beanie Hats

Plain Beanie Hat

Fits average size head

Available in cream, blueberry,red, black, white, green, red and chocolate.

Can add a flower to this type of hat which would look classy with the chunky scarf with a flower. There you have the perfect accessory for a cold winter.

This Beanie hat was knitted using DK wool. It took three hours to knit.

This hat was knitted for a three year old.

Man's sweater

It was a pleasure to knit this sweater. Double Crepe Double Knitting wool in Teal.

The size shown in the picture is a medium.

Sizes available small, medium and large.

Can be knitted in light navy, chocolate, moss, black caramel and damson.


Walnut cabled Bag

The bag was knitted using an Aran weight wool and is lined with either the same colour as the bag or a contrasting colour.

Available in cream, black, blue and mauve.

This bag has a cream lining and wood effect handles.

It is a small bag but it can hold your mobile phone, keys and even your make-up.

Flower bag

This is a casual bag which can be knitted in Aran.

It is lined and to finish it off has a flower in the centre.

Can be knitted in various colours: Blue, Black, Cream and Mauve.

Baker Boy Style hats

These hats are made from Double Knitting wool. The colour of the hats shown are cream and olive green.Can be knitted in Blueberry,Chocolate, Emerald,Oatmeal,Navy Blue,Lilac,Red,Black and White.

Sizes: One size

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chunky scarf and hat set

This is a lovely set. It is soft and will definitely keep you warm in the Winter.Looks lovely in white and will look lovely in black,navy,violet. cream and denim blue.

A flower or two can be added as a finishing touch as shown below.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Purple poncho using DK wool.

Available from 6mths to 7yrs old

Aran Cabled Jacket

This is the first item I have knitted for myself in a long time. It is a Aran Cabled Jacket that can be worn as a coat. Knitted in navy blue and I am looking forward to wearing it as the Autumn/Winter nights draw near.

Available in cream, black and navy blue.

Aran Slipover

The Aran slipover was an easy and stylish design. It was knitted in denim blue and took around six days to knit.

Available in cream, navy blue and black.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Baby Blanket

This blanket was made up of 32 squares. I enjoyed knitting this one.
Wool used : Double Knitting.
Looks lovely in white and can be knitted in pastel colours: lemomn, mint green, plae blue and dusty pink.